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Default UPDATE - Ultra20_Apple30Cinema_NVIDIAFX3450


It took forever to order the Sun with the FX3450 because it was not one of their selections. It finally came in yesterday.

I opened the box, hooked everything up, and the display came up and worked as the console. When the desktop started, the login prompt was about 2 feet away from the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I dragged the mouse until I could get to the commandline login selection. I finally did and installed the nvidia drivers.

I then had to do the nvidia pkgrm and delete the path_to_inst and driver_aliases tapdance to get the desktop to come up. It was running at 1280x1024 dpi and 75x75 (default) resolution. I modified my xorg.conf file by simply adding the "2560x1600" as the first field in each "Modes" line for screen 1 (** NVIDIA). It works like a charm with the Dual Channel DVI (1 port).

Time - 2 hours thanks to this forum! Otherwise it probably would have been weeks.

It may be better to configure it a different way but it's working and usually best to use the simplest path. If there are any other suggestions, please forward them but I'm extremely happy for now. Especially seeing I can use the 30" monitor as something other than a large bulky paper weight.
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