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Default Re: 6800GT constantly crashes games

The system Im referring to that is crashing is not the one in my sig, the one in my sig is my gamin rig and thats fine, this media center has:

Asus K8U ULI chipset / Athlon64 3400 (also tried Asus K8V and Asus K8N)
1.5 GB Corsair PC3200
Akasa Paxpower 460W
Creative X-fi Extreme music (also tried onboard sound)

Theslug, the temps are really fine, in the 40's idle and doesnt seem to go over 65C in load. Ive used rivatuner to monitor and up to the point of crashing its been at around 65C so temp isnt causing it. Im totally at a loss with this one and it has crashed in 3dmark but its random, it can run for 14 hours on 3dmark or crash within one hour, but like i said, games will always crash within an hour if not much sooner. It also seems to be just directX its crashing on, tonight I will try and play quake 4 for a while and see what happens as thats opengl. If it doesnt crash then I can only think that its the actual cards firmware with the directx hardware support that is somehow causing it or the cards memory, if thats the case I will have a hard time trying to RMA it as they might not be able to reproduce the problem unless they try a few games on it which i doubt they will.

As for doing anything else on it it is absolutely fine, I can encode avi's to mpeg2 all day long and it wont lock up as its completely stable, a total mystery but Im begining to suspect its either software directx or more than likely the directx hardware support on the card is somehow not right. Im starting to think I should get rid and buy a cheap 7800gt/pcie mobo combo.
Asus A8N-E with Amd64 3500+ Venice @ 2.65
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3x200GB Sata Diamondmax 10''s
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Audigy 2 ZS 525W Hiperpower PSU
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