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Default a7v133 + Geforce 2/4 Flashing Triangles/Textures

Hi, just joined today. I'd like to explain what I've been through with Geforce Cards and the Via chipset in the hopes that someone has a suggestion that I haven't tried yet.


Mobo: Asus A7v133
Video: Daytona Geforce 4 ti 4200
Power: Antec 400w

I believe I first started having problems with flashing textures/triangles when I upgraded to Dx8 when it was new. Back then I had a Geforce 2 MX and a 250W Antec power supply.

No matter what I tried, there was only one fix -- Detonator 5.11. This kept me from being able to play certain games, but at least I could play my favorite game (everquest) without garbage triangles flashing all over the screen.

Well, last week I got a Geforce 4 ti 4200. And once again came the flashing textures and triangles.

I have tried:

Various Detonator Drivers (can't use 5.11 anymore) -
All Bios settings (aperture size, delay/cache stuff, AGP driving values, AGP 1x 2x 4x, Disabling AGP, fast writes, etc -- everything)
Tweaks with GTU, NvMax, WPCredit, etc. etc. etc.
Disabling sidebanding
Enabling VIA sidebanding
3.3+ voltage increasing/decreasing

... and basically everything I've seen, anywhere I could find info.

I can put the geforce cards into my pii/500 - Asus p2b board without the problem
I can put my old TNT2 AGP card in my a7v133 without problems
And again, the Geforce 2 MX works in my A7v133 only if I use Detonator 5x drivers

I have a hard time believing it's my motherboard, since it can run several AGP cards without the problem.

I've upgraded my power supply to an Antec 400w which didn't solve the problems

Opengl always runs perfectly

Gah! What am I missing?
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