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Default UPDATE: Thank you Bern....<Cannot install NVIDIA_kernel.XXXX.XXXX.src or regular rpm>

I get different messages depending upon the way Im trying to compile or use rpm.

I have mainly tracked it down to the inability for the compiler to reference the file:



I have searched and searched. Im no dummy, I have a meaningful understanding of how this stuff works, and have compiled before. but if I dont have the right header file, then I dont have it!

Where do I get it?

Or, is there a "safe" workaround. Before I started delving into editing the reference .c's and .h's that point to fixmap.h I figured I better start asking around first.

I have 2.4.18-3 kernel that came with RedHat 7.3

I have removed any attempts to apply packages, updates (had updated to -5 but reverted and uninstalled that kernel)

I'm wondering if I need to reinstall RedHat with the full complement of development tools, libraries and headers (there's a big duh...) But I would like to avoid that if possible.

Anyone got any thoughts?
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