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Default Re: 6800GT constantly crashes games

I've seen that before a few times, when my 6800gt overheats....vrey very rare, usually its cause I haven't cleaned out my case for a while. And its solved by dusting hte case, and also taking off the top plate and cleaning out inside the heatsink fins.

But the temps u have look fine.. unless the readings are wrong?

I know amd mobo's don't like to have all their ram slots filled up, and need timings set down and sometimes v's bumped up on cpu and ram... although I would htink those would usually result in blue screens and hangs. not scrambled images.. but might be worth looking into.. I've talked to people that would have really strange system instablilites (some programs work, some programs don't, random wierness) and solvd it by twiddling with the ram timings,and cpu and ram V levels.
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