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Default Re: 6800GT constantly crashes games

Yeah the temps seem to be reliable, Ive even removed the fan and applied artic silver but it doesnt help. Ive also tried different ram timeings 1t/2t cas 2.5 etc and it still bombs out. The card is currently in my friends pc shop being tested now, if it passes his tests and plays the games fine on the test rig I will just have to sell the card on as Ive tried everything in my power to find the fault including yesterday another quality psu. After weeks of massive hassle with it Im ready to ditch it and sell it for money towards a 7800gt with one of those pice socket 754 mobos. Ive seen those for 180+45 here in the U.k. Wonder how much a 6800GT is worth.

Hehe that will be the last 6 series card to grace my home, I also had loads of problems with a previous 6600GT I bought over a year ago but my 7800GT with nforce4 chipset has been by far the best card and best chipset Ive ever owned.
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