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Default Re: Error parsing configuration file (nvidia-settings)

Alright, I asked at the Zenwalk forum and nobody reported having this parsing config bug. But, I did some more experimentation and I found the following out:

If I run nvidia-settings from gnome-terminal, then my rc file gets corrupted. If I run nvidia-settings from a desktop menu (in my case, I'm using the XFCE desktop environment) or automatically on startup then my rc file does not get corrupted. Once the rc file has been corrupted, then there's nothing I can do to fix it: nvidia-settings will always report a parsing config error, whether or not I run it from gnome-terminal. The only solution is to delete the rc file, and then run the nvidia-settings utility from the desktop menu; and make sure never to run it from gnome-terminal.

So the next question is does a different xterminal utility produce the same behavious as gnome-terminal? I just tested it on aterm. nvidia-settings does not report any bugs when I run it from aterm. I just tried it with xterm: again no problem.

So it seems the incompatibility is with gnome-terminal and nvidia-settings, at least on my system. Now I don't have all the gnome packages installed on my system (like I said, I run XFCE only), so it may be that I'm missing some files, and this is causing the parsing problems. Well, at least I know a workaround, so that'll do for me.
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