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Default Re: ATI X1900XTX vs ATI X1800XT

My quick impression on the card so far that it seems as fast as my 7800GTX SLI 256MB system.
no i'm not exaggerating , but from a quick test on FEAR & COD2 i can see that both PCs are running the 2 games as fast as each other.
of course framerate wise the GTX SLI is faster but as i've already said in other threads that SLI needs higher framerate to get smooth experiance (in short 35fps+ for SLI , 25-30fps+ in single card .. for me anyway).
so experiance wise they are both the same (or maybe the XTX is faster , but i need to investgate this further more before giving my final impressions!)

heres a comparsion bench in FEAR :
7800GTX SLI (256MB) [HQ]: min=38(0%) , av=61(2%) , max=188(98%)
X1900XTX [HQ , Cat AI enabled]: min=32(0%) , av=64(23%), max=161(77%)

its not all what it seems though as with the 7800GTX SLI the filtering was set to HQ (no shimmering) , on the ATi it was set to HQ , but A.I. = std . so i was seeing some shimmering on the XTX with these settings.

on COD2 i ran the game @1280x1024,4xAA,8xAF .. this one aswell was running fine & in some spots my framerate was higher than the 7800GTX SLI PC!!
(i'm waiting to reach my benchmark point in the game to make a valid comparsion)

next i'll benchmark X3 .. stay tuned!

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