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Default Re: Underperforming Graphics Card

Yeah, looking at your system specs, I see a P4 2.2 GHz, I'm assuming perhaps a Northwood? I'm also noticing 512 MB RAM. I'm not sure all your running on your system, but prior to my upgrading to 1 GB of RAM earlier this year, my PC was swapping like crazy, and on my A64 the memory upgrade brought about a substantial increase in performance. No doubt, in my case, all that swapping was holding a fairly high end (ok, not an X2) CPU behind...

Some of them websites might also be using a newer core then Northwood, if that's the core you have? I'm only guessing somewhat based upon the clock on the CPU (at which you perhaps are stating an OC clock, come to think of it), and some other specifics such as the 2 256 MB DIMMs...
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