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Default 6800GS (unlocked) trade for P4 3.0 worth it?

My specs are below but I wanted some opinons on a trade I was offered. Slowly I've been overhauling my system but I want to keep this motherboard and max it out in all ways. A guy I know offered to trade me my 6800GS unlocked to GT for his P4 3.0gig Northwood CPU, buy my 1.5gb ram and my old cpu. Here what I have and below that is what I was planning on doing to it. Let me know what you think, if I should or should not. I see myself winning and losnig with this trade because 1) I'll have my P4 but I will have to shell out for a new Vid card and is the 7800GS worth it over my unlocked 6800GS. 2) I'll need all new ram which I wanted anyways but I don't have the money to buy everything right now (new ram, new vid card.)


Celeron D 2.8 (change to P4 NW 3.2-3.4gig in march)
Intel D865GBF mobo
1.5GB DDR 400 (upgrade to even 2gigs or buy 4x1gb dimms)
BFG 6800GS unlocked to GT (upgrade to 7800GS) worh it?
Maxtor 120gb 2mb
WD 160gb 8mb
Onboard sound (upgrade to Audigy 2 ZS)
17" Samsung 740B LCD
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