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Default Re: 6800GS (unlocked) trade for P4 3.0 worth it?

I have 1.5 gigs on my 865 chipset mobo and its works just fine.. Thats the beauty of Intel products.. they just work. I have a p4 3.2 and a 6800 gt too.. It gets the job done.

Anyways, you have to sit down and crunch the numbers on how much money you are going to spend on your current setup.. and how long its going to last.

vs making the leap to something new.. Like getting a Intel 920 D and OC'ing it to at least 3.7 ghz is really really tempting.. awesome bang for the buck. Unfortunantly, I've blown my budget effectively for at least the first half of this year by getting the gateway widescreen lcd..

That and AGP is now a deadend, so personally, I wouldn't spend any more money on a AGP card, cause I know my next system will be PCIe.. Only exception is, if you are deadset of using AGP for next couple of years.

I'm more of just buy an really nice complete system, and stick with it for about 3 years (maybe more ram or hd's), and just get another new complete system afterwards.. since really, not much is worth carrying over anymore..
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