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Default Re: Video capture support on Linux.

Originally Posted by zander
That's not entirely accurate. Future versions of the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver will expose on-board i2c lines via the Linux/i2c infrastructure (i.e. as Linux/i2c adapters), not via a custom /proc interface that would be accessible from user-space, only.
Is there an ETA (ie: Q3 2006) for a NVIDIA Linux graphics driver both for 32-bit and 64-bit that will support VIVO? The reason I ask is not just for NVIDIA customers using graphics cards such as the Geforce 7800 GTX that support VIVO but also because NVIDIA recently announced the release of the Quadro FX 4000/4500 SDI for broadcast/film work ( ).

From NVIDIA Quadro FX page:

"NVIDIA Quadro FX SDI solutions provide two channels—fill or key—of 8-, 10-, or 12*-bit uncompressed SDI in 2K*, HD, or SD formats, and analog and digital house synchronization. It supports both Microsoft® Windows® and Linux, and works on top of existing applications, or can be easily integrated within a broadcast or video editing application through the NVIDIA API."
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