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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by glObalist
Saturated market? I haven't seen anything comparable to WoW in terms of graphics and gameplay ever since I stopped playing the damn MMORPG. Seriously, tell me which MMO should I pick up after I've had it with WoW due to the insane time-sink required to be able to progress beyond lvl 60?

I think WOW had excellent graphics. I don't need the lastest bleeding edge stuff to keep me happy the art work was simply amazing. Also I quit playing MMORPGs simply because all they are IS a timesink. Yes I played WOW all the way to 60 and did numerous Molten Core raids. It was CRAP. It takes 40 guys 5 hours to get MAYBE 3 pieces of gear. Screw that. All MMORPGs are is simply a giant game of "who has the most free time" That simply doesn't do it for me. I hate getting beaten because some guy is happy to live on welfare and play 14 hours a day. Thats just not fun at all. Also there was the issue of HUGE class imbalances.

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