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Default Re: Anyone playing EVE-Online?

I played EVE-Online, thought it was decently fun. The tutorial is like 4 hours long though, LOTS of information in - what doesn't sound like, but is - extremely short amount of time. The combat is rather un-eventful. You just deck your ship out in stuff and click the attack button and watch your dudes go at it, but it can be pretty cool when you start getting huge ships like battle cruisers and you get to tear shiat up.

What bothered me the most though is some of the textures in the game are downright HORRIBLE. Like eye-bleeding horrible. Like the Gallente starting space station (which is huge) has a fricken 12x12 pixel texture applied to it. Other than the occasional horrible texture it's pretty well done visually.

Space travel is cool at first, nice effects, nice sounds, but gets a little monotonous after a while, especially when ammo you're looking for is only decently priced in a system 7 jumps away. Then you get to watch your ship warp to gates and get thrown around in space for 10 minutes. It's even more of a bitch if you want to warp through 0.5-1.0 security zones.

That stuff aside, you can have a good time playing this game, it's probably the most unique MMO change I've experienced in a while, LOTS of people to meet and interact with. There's only one world with roughly 18000-25000 people on it a given time. It truely does feel like a MASSIVELY Multiplayer Online Game. Not only is it an MMO, it's a MASSIVE time sink too. Everything in this game takes an inordinate amount of time, but is strangely rewarding. Even smaller missions have nice payoffs. You can sit down and have a good time and get things accomplished in 2 hours, it's just that even trival tasks require some decent amount of effort, and that to advance to later stages of the game will take a lot of time put it, not necessarily all at once though.
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