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Default Re: BFG 6800GT listed at 11.9MHz GPU clocks

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat
as for it being listed as 11.9mhz... don't pay attention to that, 3dmark never gets it right

Yeah I was looking around at Futuremark in the Orb and theres a lot of people with 6800's that are listed at 11-12MHz and in the forums someone else had asked about it and he was told its a bug in 3DMark.

And as far as my low scores in 3DMark 2k3 - 2k6 I have fixed it. I un-installed all the driver chipset/AGP/PCI to AGP/NV drivers.....over and over today and ran benchmark after benchmark..... But on one of the total driver installs I must have hit the sweet spot. I really can't wait till I have the money to go PCIe. Because this sucked

But heres my new scores. All of them are way over what I used to get on my XP 3000+ system...

3DMark 2k1 22364
3DMark 2k3 13003
3DMark 2k5 5860
3DMark 2k6 2585

Not the greatest, but they are my best.
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