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Default Toshiba M3 (GeForce GO 6600TE/6200 TE) drv problem.


Happy owner of a thoshiba M3 laptop I need to be able to hot/key switch between
internal/external screen under Solaris. This is not an implemented feature currently,
so I would like to do twinhead display at least, switching manually between xorg
confs ...

I tried nvidia drivers, but could not have theim work.
I tried several driver release, ranging from 7667 to 8178.
I tried it on several Solaris / OpenSolaris releases.
I always had the same problem :
xorg logs complains about being unable to allocate DMA push buffer and aborts.
Full details are attached to the generated bug report.

This bug report was ran on a std. default xorg config, but from the README,
I tried quite all device options tweeks I could thought of.

To conclude by extension to this problem, having hot-key switching
for laptop displays is (IMHO) a critical point for any laptop owner.
It should be added on the "wish list" for NVidia drivers.

Any thoughts, hints or help would be greatly appreciated.

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