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Default Re: 6800GT constantly crashes games

Originally Posted by Deeko
Im still troubleshooting this Ive taken the card out and had a close look at it. There is a slim heatsink at the rear that is supposed to cool the MOSFETS, but upon closer inspection there is a very thin gap between the heatsink and the MOSFETS thereby it wont be much help at all if its not touching. I take it they wont be cooled properly and Im thinking could this be causing the crashes with excess heat. Any suggestions on this?

I think you hit it on the nail there.

You could try removing the heatsink on the mosfets and aplly some type of thermal paste, I did this on my old 6800GT with generic white thermal paste and it worked fine.

I could make my old 6800GT do excatly what yours did by flashing the BIOS with 1.4v, I don't the think the power stage on my GT could handle it and the card would go nintendo after 5-10 minutes.
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