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Default Re: BFG 6800GT listed at 11.9MHz GPU clocks

Originally Posted by ywytyr
Do you remember exactly what you did? Done the same many times and my score in 3dmark06 is still 1200

Does your uli agp loction say pci for you? (When right clikcing and selecting properties )

My rig is
asrock dual sata2
amd x24200
geforce 6800 nu
3x512 mb ram
Hey I know you from PC Perspective I had replyed in your thread here..

I also saw where you quoted me at OCWforum.
Well lets see yesterday was long man. I was really getting mad at why in the hell my freaking Compaq Athlon XP 3000+ was beating this new A64 beast I had built on my own. But its just that some of the AGP settings are really flaky. One quick question for ya. Go into your control panel and look and see if you have a PCI to AGP driver. I found out yesterday that it is very important.
I did so many reinstalls yesterday its not funny.
What I would suggest for you now is to go download the ULi Integrated driver 2.13

And go download Driver Cleaner, google for it. Now un-install your nvidia drivers, don't reboot yet. Run Driver cleaner to get rid of all the nvidia drivers. next go into your control panel and uninstall you AGP driver, and your PCI to AGP driver. \\REBOOT// Windows will try to install a VGA driver for your new hardware... meaning your 6800. Stop it, hit cancel. Now install the ULi Integrated driver 2.13, you don't need the USB if you have XP SP2. But install all the rest. \\REBOOT// once again cancel windows from install a new VGA driver for your card and just install your new nvidia driver. \\REBOOT// and hopfully all will be well.
To the best of my knowledge thats about what I did.
Oh I also went into my bios and under the advanced settings, under the AGP setting I set it like this..

CPU NB Link Speed 1000MHz
CPU NB Link Width 16Bit
NB - SB Link Speed 1000MHz
NB - SB Link Width 16Bit

These settings were on "Auto" by default. Someone posted at PC perspective to set them as I did. I did some reading on it. And for higher end video cards its best to have it set like I did.

This worked for me....I hope it helps you. Good luck.
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