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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by lognoronon
One big problem with the game though......It has the folks responsible for the stupid "vision" from eq1 that screwed up so much of the game. Those guys can take a long walk off of a short pier.
I think "The Vision" was the best thing... It required commitment and skill to progress to high levels. Not the BS WoW and EQ2 have that everyone can solo to lvl 60 and have great gear. MMO's are about community and teamwork, thats the reason they are online... soloing can be in the game but a person who solo's should not have the possibility to be equal or better then a person who works with others to achieve top tier ranking. Poeple who don't have much time can still find groups and raid on the weekend. I have seen many poeple who worked full-time and were parents at the top of EQ1's community because they wanted it, not because it was handed to them...

WoW and EQ2 are for people who want everything handed to them and are to lazy to work for it... The games are too easy and just require NO SKILL. I've seen raids in person and videos, they require no orginization or tactics...
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