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Default Re: BFG 6800GT listed at 11.9MHz GPU clocks

Originally Posted by Vengeance
CPU NB Link Speed 1000MHz
CPU NB Link Width 16Bit
NB - SB Link Speed 1000MHz
NB - SB Link Width 16Bit

These settings were on "Auto" by default. Someone posted at PC perspective to set them as I did. I did some reading on it. And for higher end video cards its best to have it set like I did.
Those are about the HyperTransport bus, dividers. (Incase anyone missed it)
if you OC the FSB/HTT to for example 250mhz from 200, you should set BOTH to 800, since that means a 4 Divider (1000 = 5 divider, 200x5) and you get 250x4 = 1000mhz, OCing you want to avoid going above 1000mhz on the HTT for stability..

Here is a 939Dual FAQ which is sortof handy:;t=005271;p=0
That board has a special "AsRock" section with good info on this mobo (and other Asrock ones).
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