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Default Re: BFG 6800GT listed at 11.9MHz GPU clocks

Thanks for your detailed advice!
No i am not running XP64, I just tried it to see if I managed to get an ok score there.
My device was listed as ULi AGP v3.0 Controller. However, when right clicking on this location is pci. Is that true for you as well?

I tried to follow your detailed instructions regardin the uninstalation process. But I only had agp controller listed not pci to agp. I got an error message when trying to unistall the agp controller, but the uninstallation process finished regardles.

When I now try to install the uli driver, agp drivers is not listed in the installation menu. I think windows try to install some agp stuff automaticly.

Remeber reading something about extracting the uli drivers exe file and do a manual install. Will look into this.
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