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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by slick
You need to play Guild Wars.
I'm pretty sure MaguS has played Guild Wars.

I have played Guild Wars and I have to say it is a blast to play, up until you hit lvl 20 and then there really isn't much to do afterwards. The drop system and item stats system in the game is absolutely terrible. I know this will turn into an arguement of if GuildWars is a real MMO or not. Personally I don't think it is a true MMO. The entire game is one big pile of instances and I never feel like I am part of a "world". While WoW might not be a good MMO, I don't think GuildWars is an MMO at all....

My point in saying this is that Vanguard is in a completely different league of Guild Wars and really shouldn't be represented in the same thread.

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