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Originally Posted by slick
Beacon's Perch is really early in the game, at the end of the mountains. You get there after one of the north shiverpeak's missions. People don't hang out there cause it's cool, there's just a lot of people there because thats where you get the run to droks from. Droks is where you can get some good armor.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought. I hate Yak's Bend so much. Like, it's a cool town (looks-wise at least), but the quests are such crap. The areas outside of town are far too hard for the level you are when you arrive (around 10-12) and by the time you can really do the quests without much problem, the XP isn't worth it. This time through, with my Necro/Mesmer, I just decided to pretty much skip that whole area. I gotta get a run to Drok's though. My brother can do it, he just hasn't had time, and I honestly haven't played the game in like a month anyway, so it's not that big a deal.

All the cool people hang out in Marhan's Grotto though.
Where's that at?
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