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Default Desperately looking for a way to monitor temps.

I am running Mandriva 2006 power pack. I have a nForce 4 mobo, +3700 CPU and have no idea the temps of anything but the video card.......
For some reason it installed 2.6.12-12mdksmp kernel, I also tryed the 64bit version of Mandriva 2006, also to no avail.
Also, when I first installed, I had to go with no-apic kernel in order for it to find my SATA HDD.

I have tryed LM_Sensors, installed the newest, also tryed the i2cdetect, that finds:
Installed I2C busses:
    i2c-1       smbus           SMBus nForce2 adapter at f400
    i2c-0       smbus           SMBus nForce2 adapter at f800
I have no clue what them are, in Gkrellm, under sensors it shows the PWM and GPU, althought he PWM never moves from 40.

I searched here, and found a post about 2.6 kernels haveing this stuff built it already, so if anybody can expound upon this I would be very grateful....
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