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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
MaguS you seem to be the only person on these forums that understand MMO's like I do. I agree with everything you just said. We should play on the same Vanguard server and own these little WoW babies who think they know what an MMO is.
Wow how leet of you.

Anyway, i don't pretend to know what an MMO is. All I know is I had the blast of my gaming life playing WoW for the 6 months I did. I took my time to level my character to 60 and then I couldn't manage anymore due to the time requirements.

I still think however it is THE best MMO out there looking at the screenshots and features and leet comments by the likes of you being made about the upcoming titles such as Vanguard. All I say is 'nah', I'll wait for World of Starcraft :P
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All MMO's are now baby-school weak. The only good MMO's make your eyes bleed and force you to eat glass. In my day we had to walk uphill in the snow 5 miles *JUST* to log in.
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