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Default Re: Toshiba M3 (GeForce GO 6600TE/6200 TE) drv problem.


I have had some progress, but things are not perfect yet.
I had put a mess by juggling with some wrong gfx_private stuff for my release.
This have been solved and I can use nvidia drivers for twin display now.

My problem now, is that on the flat panel I only see part of the full display whatever
is the resolution I choose (no more than 1280x1024 anyway), as it goes fine on the
external CRT. I can not pan as well, so it is somewhat unusable in standalone mode.
I suppose this is linked to the specific physical resolution of that TFT (1400x1050,
1280x960,etc... not multiple of standard resolutions.)

I will stop post for now to avoid poluting that forum, but still watch the thread.

If someone can help, thanks in advance.
If I find an acceptable solution I will post again to let you know.
If NVidia have some on its way hot-key switching updates for the M3, that would
be wonderfull...


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