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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by glObalist
All I say is 'nah', I'll wait for World of Starcraft :P
Are there actually plans for this? I googled it but didn't come up with anything. I've played Starcraft and liked it a lot (though I wasn't particularly good at it). I never played Warcraft, but have become interested in MMORPGs recently. I thought, maybe I need to pick up Warcraft and play that before getting into WoW. I just remember thinking, man, it would be cool if they had something like WoW for Starcraft.

Anyway, on the Vanguard topic... It looks pretty cool. But I don't really know what to expect with it (see above for my relative newness to MMORPGs). Right now the only MMORPG I play is A Tale in the Desert.
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