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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

I like Vanguards because it brings back the feeling of exploration and travel. Too many MMOs today are making travel way to easy... its all instant and boring. Vanguards has none of that... if you want to get to a dungeon in another continent your going to have to trek there... no instant gate straight to it... If you forget to bind close to the dungeon and you die... well prepare for a corpse run... but atleast you can store extra gear on your horse's saddle bags (portable bank basically).

The game seems to be the closest thing to D&D in terms of adventure and exploration... basically what the original EQ was.

lognoronon, If you believe that EQ1 is better now then it was during the Verant days then you aren't a hardcore MMO player... you probably didn't make high level till recently... I played EQ since the start and untill planes of power... it became nothing more then a game of kill this mob, get gear and move to next mob. When Kunark and Velious expantions released we were given some original quests and factions to deal with... not just new mobs to kill.

No other MMO has had as amazing quests as the Velious Faction quests or Velious 10 Rig Quest. Velious was the greatest expantion for any MMO ever... I have said that if SOE would make a server now that was just up to velious and none of the newer crap I would return to EQ in a heart beat...
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