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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by glObalist
Wow how leet of you.

Anyway, i don't pretend to know what an MMO is. All I know is I had the blast of my gaming life playing WoW for the 6 months I did. I took my time to level my character to 60 and then I couldn't manage anymore due to the time requirements.

I still think however it is THE best MMO out there looking at the screenshots and features and leet comments by the likes of you being made about the upcoming titles such as Vanguard. All I say is 'nah', I'll wait for World of Starcraft :P
I have to ask? How many MMO's have you played other than WoW? Oh none? Your opinion is about as important as a virgin who states masterbation is better than sex.

Logornnon. Everquest was the first REAL attempt at a good MMO. Of course it had its flaws, it was the only one of its kind and was still a brilliant game. I have to ask, have you ever been to a forum of a Random MMO that isnt released yet? What game do they always compare it to? Thats right, Everquest. Everquest is the standard of MMO's. It made MMO's what they are today. WoW's sucess is due to the ease of the graphics engine, and the popularity of Blizzard. Thats about it. Any game you can solo yourself up to max lvl with relative ease is not a good MMO in my point of view. Basically what WoW did was sell out. They did whatever they could to make top dollar. They are successful with the game yes, but they altered what makes an MMORPG an MMORPG to do it. Everything done for the game was done for money. Oblivion anyone?

Vanguard "looks" to be a very very good game and in my opinion will be the next "Everquest".
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