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Granted, I am using 10.0 now (and used 9.1 and 9.3 before), so my experience with 9.2 is nil. However, I think there shouldn't be too much of a difference. Then again, I am also relatively new to Linux...been using it for just over a year.

Do you know which kernel is being offered now during the update. I have updated my kernel without a problem with grub and without too much of a problem with anything else (messes up ati and nvidia drivers, but all you have to do is reinstall...takes about 2 minutes).

When you updated and messed up grub last time, what option did you choose when you used the SUSE disk to repair GRUB? There should be an option (after choosing installation from the first screen) called "other" (the other options are "new installation" and "update an existing system" or something like that). If you choose "other," you should be given a choice to "boot installed system" or "repair installed system". If you choose "repair installed system" then you should see an option called "install new boot loader". Run this, and it should fix GRUB.

Either way, I would suggest giving the forums another try (personally I prefer an opinion). Be sure to try and give as much info as you can about your problem. You'll get more indepth help than I can offer!
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