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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Bleh, I don't really like online RPG's. You spend entirely too much time doing repeated menial tasks in order to level up, then endless time trying to find items, and you have to always deal with people that have way too much free time on their hands and can't help but go around trying to show off their high levels and rare items as if they had some kind of a god complex.

Plus, co-operative play isn't really my thing, unless you are co-operatively fighting against other players. In multiplayer games I like to kill people, not boring ass NPC's. That is like the entire point of multiplayer to begin with.

That, and monthly fees are gay. Sometimes you just get tired of playing the same game over again, and having to manage that kind of an account for a game is annoying, especially when they still bill you for days you aren't playing, even after you cancel (because you can't cancel until the end of the billing cycle with like every online RPG out there.) Plus if they charge a monthly fee, they shouldn't charge you to buy the game initially for like $45.

I guess that is why I like NS much better than CS:S and online RPG's. Has the complexity of a mild RPG that CS:S lacks, without all of the endless leveling, item hunting, and asshats that don't have jobs.
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