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It's always a help to be able to talk about a problem, whether it results in a solution or not. I already have a copy of SuSe 10.0, which I tried to install, but it went very badly. This may have been due to something with my hardware configuration, I'm not really sure. I tried to install it on a secondary IDE drive of a pair that was jumped to use cable select, but with the BIOS set to choose it as the boot drive. All that I got after installing, was a screen fill of errors and it couldn't get to desktop. I have been planning on installing it on another partition of the same drive that 9.2 is on, but have been stalling, because I wanted to make any mistakes on 9.2 first. Also, I want to keep both versions installed, but I'm not yet sure about editing Grub, so that all OSs will work properly.
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