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Default Re: Who else is excited about VANGUARD!

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
I have to ask? How many MMO's have you played other than WoW? Oh none? Your opinion is about as important as a virgin who states masterbation is better than sex.
Yes WoW was my first and so far only MMORPG and from what I hear about the rest (especially the older MMOs) makes me glad I was unaware enough at the time to try anything else. And I'm old enough (28 actually) to appreciate a solid and entertaining game. And no I didn't solo through WoW as I made sure to complete as many quests as possible, many of which are simply un-soloable. I'm not ashamed of my opinion that WoW is simply the best and yes, masturbation sometimes IS better than sex.

Either way, it always amuses me how these old-school MMO players and EQ veterans can't get no satisfaction in the genre as it is nowadays, always hoping for the grind and the so called "complexity" to come back.

And although I'm actually willing to give Vanguard a try once it comes out, I'm afraid I'll end up with the same sour taste I got during the 2 hours I had EQ2 Trial of the Isle installed on my HDD. What a pile of badly-coded, artless crap that game was!
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All MMO's are now baby-school weak. The only good MMO's make your eyes bleed and force you to eat glass. In my day we had to walk uphill in the snow 5 miles *JUST* to log in.

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