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Default Applying kernel patch 118844-28 kills Nvidia module

Just to let everyone know, I'm new to solaris.

Anyways at school, we just got a shipment of ten ultra 20s and I've been setting them up, well I've been working on just one so far. I used Sun's Update Manager to apply all the patches and then finaly applying the kernel patch 118844-28 and rebooted and found that X failed to start.

I'm used to Linux, so I thought, "Oh yea, it just needs a new Nvidia module" So I download the latest one and run the installer, no errors. Again a reboot and still the same. I look through the dmesg output and no errors, though I noticed that using the latest module, it doesn't output that statement of loading the module. Modinfo says its there.

I did find a forum posting someplace about using update_drv but that doesn't work since that entry is already in /etc/drivers_alias I setup another Ultra 20 with the lastest module, but without the new kernel and it works fine, so I guess its the kernel?

Any ideas?
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