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lol -- "NoFate" vs. Fate, sorry -- I just noticed the quirky opposite aliases.

While I don't mean to hijack a thread, I just wanted to add the end-user support over this technology (xegl, xgl) for the desktop has been nothing short of amazing. Over on Ubuntu's forums (, you can't read through the Dapper Drake development forum without having a thread on XGL that people have posted to a gazillion times and viewed more than that (in the 300,000s+ last I checked).

It's.. amazing to watch the explosion of interest in this. I'd always heard about 3D acceleration for a linux desktop but never to such a scale since a week or two ago. I'm honestly and truly impressed. No matter what wins out in the end, the competition over it looks to be fierce and furious. I'm excited to see what this brings up.
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