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Default Re: Desperately looking for a way to monitor temps.

When I type Sensors, it tells me it hates me, and wants me to die.......
Actually it just reports, No sensors found....

I tryed xmbmon also, and same thing there.
I think the IO chip is a Fintec(spelling) F71872F.

I have fought with LM_Sensors for a few days and am getting tired of it...
But it says it uses I2C, which is pre built into the 2.6 and higher kernel and should work with NF4 boards.

In /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/ theres a folder called Thrm with some blank files in it.

I also tryed Fedora 4, and no love there either, but I like it, so I will prolly make the switch...

Perhaps what I need to do is check where and how it access's the chip, and edit the .conf accordingly......
Other then that, I have not a clue.......
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