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Default Re: List of FREE or no monthly fee MMORPG games

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
So far RYL2 is pretty lame, patching is taking forever... have to reset the launcher everytime I have to download files... which so far has been everytime I load the launcher.

I have given up for today... patcher doesnt want to get all the files I need so whenever I go to create a character I get "missing namebox" error.
Thats wierd, when i first started the game it downloaded all the updates and after that i was able to create a character and get in the game right away.

Maybe you could download these patches on their website, although i didnt have to do that, see if it fixes the game for you.

I'm already bored of the game but thats because the translation to english is not so great. I can't follow the story very well.
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