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Default Re: NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-1.0-8178 crashes my Toshiba Sat Pro 6100

I've got exactly the same problem as you, my laptop is a Toshiba 5205-s503 (Nvidia GeForce 4 Go 460 graphics card). I have that problem with the 8174 driver as well...

By the way, my laptop works nicely with the 7676 driver, but since driver 6113 I've ben unable to use the CRT-OUT port on my laptop. I've been complaining ever since, sent e-mails to Nvidia ( with as much information I have been able to gather and all, to no avail.
Driver 4365 was absolutely marvelous, everything worked, even the CRT-out. I would have stayed with that driver if I could, but unfortunately something changed in FreeBSD 5.3 or 5.4 which meant 4365 could no longer be installed.
This CRT-out issue also occurs in the Linux drivers (tried it on ubuntu). Can you try if your CRT-OUT works (you need to modify some things in your xorg.conf file ) with your laptop in driver 7676? I'd really like NVidia to fix this and the more people we are, the faster they'll fix it.. (if they fix it at all).
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