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Default Re: Toshiba M3 (GeForce GO 6600TE/6200 TE) drv problem.

Originally Posted by wxbal

So were you able to get 8178 to work at 1280x1024 or 1024x768? If so, would you mind posting your xorg.conf?


Here are two xorg.conf, for both single head and dual head mode.

I could achieve 1400x1050 and 1280x1024 in single head mode (fxorg.conf.single)
Then, other resolutions are rejected as invalid modes by Xorg (from Xorg.0.log).
I presume I have badly declared some things, as I am not a Xorg expert.

I could achieve 1280x1024 and 1024x768 in dual head mode (xorg.conf.dual)
Curious I could get 1024x768 on that mode, as my freqs. are coherent with
previous confs... Definately, I'm not a Xorg expert :-).

In dual head I used a 21" Sun monitor, and tested on a Sharp video projector.
Even with the attached screen directive, if I do not boot with the external device
attached, I go out of sync as I plug it.

I have stop testing for now, and wait for the new driver.
Hope it'll solve the issues and come quickly...


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