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Please explain why you want to statically link your app?

One of the major selling points of OpenGL is that it is hardware independant, statically linking negates this independance. In fact a statically linked application wouldn't even work with after a different version of the drivers was installed ( depends on the kernel module and the X drivers).

Providing a static version of the library would be a support headache for nvidia, and provide essentially 0 benifit to their customes (except you perhaps), I do a lot of OpenGL development and I have never had the need or desire for a statically linked If they did provide a static version then some idiot would (possibly unintentionally) statically link and redistribute an app, which would probably make nvidia look bad even though they were not _really_ to blame.

Well, now that I think about it I could imagine wanting to statically link Mesa so that you could have a reference version of your app that used a software renderer, but there is no reason to statically link a vendor supplied
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