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Default An Issue With "Hot Deals"

I don't know what the opinion is of other people, and maybe I'm just partially retarded. Ok, maybe I'm severely retarded, but that's for another thread.

I'm under the belief that the "Hot Deals" forum is hurting the FS/FT forum. I don't usually go into the FS/FT forum just looking around. From time to time I do, but not usually. What used to get me to go in there, was the fact that the most recent post was visible from the main forum page. I would see something interesting (and a darn good deal) and want to take a look. Ever since the Hot Deals forum was introduced, most of the "most recent posts" tend to come from that forum overtaking the FS/FT threads. I haven't been lured into a FS/FT thread since the Hot Deals forum was put there.

Just to be clear, I love the Hot Deals forum! It rocks! I just don't want the other forum to have it's lure taken away. Maybe I'm just being wierd, but this is the appearance of the situation to me. Anyone else agree?
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