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Default My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

Ok, to start off, This has been happening since about mid December. I can start up a game, and it will run fine for about 20 minutes. Then the weird stuff starts happening. Sometimes it will blink to a black screen. I have to hit the windows button to get to the desktop, then back to the game to get anything back. I am enclosing a bunch of pictures, but first let me tell you what I have done to try and track down the culprit.

I have installed (and uninstalled) the following drivers:
83.40 WHQL
81.98 WHQL
78.92 WHQL

ALL of these drivers do the same thing! Also, on the desktop, if I am browsing the internet, and I happen upon a java website, my desktop blinks, and goes REALLY fuzzy, to the point you have to squint to see the text. I re-formatted. Even installed 2 versions of DirectX (9c, and 9c december edition) I have even bought a new monitor thinking that was it, but to no avail.
Should I be contacting BFG about a possible RMA?

First Image is Command & Conquer Generals : Zero Hour...Interface leaves, and so does my cursor.

This is Champ Cap Challenge by iDT, the green stuff is suppose to be smoke.

Well, this is what I see in Need For Speed Underground 2

The rest of these are rFactor, and this happens alot. Notice it doesnt have a ****pit.

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