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Default Re: What happens when Prime95 fails?

Originally Posted by Treason
In that case my maximum before Prime95 failure was a clockspeed of 2.42 GHz. Didn't matter if I relaxed the ram timings or increased voltage to the ram, the absolute threshold was 242 MHz FSB. Maybe I could try increasing the CPU voltage?

There's no HTT divider on the Asus A8V Deluxe 2.0, so I can only do 1:1 ratio.
Actually first thing I would do is run Memtest before Prime95, once you've found what point your memory is stable at I would then move on to Prime95 to test the CPU.

It takes a little work and some math, since most AMD64 motherboards allow a great amount of configurabilty, from divders to multipliers and voltage. So in the end you may end up with a 1:1 ratio of RAM speed to FSB, but most likely your RAM will run a divider, which is just fine.
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