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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

Is that the CPU temp for the first number, or the GPU temp? Those numbers, all things said, do look a bit high, as I'd definitely be sh*ting bricks if I saw a CPU temp of 73 C... Yeah, yeah, some might be able to argue it can run so warm, but...

Reason I ask though, is with a case/mobo temp? of 46 and 49 C, I do wonder how hot the GPU on the gfx card is getting? My case and CPU temps are well below that, with the case temp measured in the lower 30s, but in the past when I had measured some gfx card temps and the CPU using a thermocouple in prior system, I had at least noticed that the GPU temp could run hotter then the CPU. Not sure in your case...

BTW, how long have you had the card?

Is this a recent problem on a card you've had for a year or so? (Could definitely be a card going bad there.)

You mention after 20 minutes of game play. Is it only after you've been pushing the gfx on that thing for awhile? (aka when the card could run hotter?)

Either way, you might want to get some cooling in your computer case to help bring those ambient system temps down a bit. In the interum, running case open, with a room fan or the like blowing into the thing should cool it down enough to rule out temp. If lower case temps doesn't improve this, definitely RMA the card then...
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