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Default Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?

As far as WoW goes, the game starts at 60. If you are in a competent guild, then it shouldn't be too long before all that crap armor and weapons you wasted time getting in lower levels is useless because they are soon replaced with much better stuff from end game instances or high end pvp. You can level to 60 solo and still get most of all the important quests done.

My main toon ran a bunch of different instances and did all this and that on the way and took me forever to get 60. He is now a pve concentric toon and runs molten core (end game pve instance) weekly and have 6/8 of my tier 1 epic armor. All the gear I wear now was attained post-60.

I basically soloed my way to 60 with my alternate toon. I knew that whatever I got from the lower level grouping would be replaced. I may have ran 2 instances with him prior to 60. This toon is pvp based and is going for the gear that you get from doing the battlegrounds and attaining rank. If you want to stay solo, then I recommend focusing on pvp instead of end game pve.

Supposedly with the next patch Blizzard is implementing class specific epic armor sets aimed at the solo guy. I think you get them through quests. Some are solo; some require at most a 10 man group (max group size is a 40 man raid.) These sets are not comparable to the 8 piece 'tier 1 or 2' epic sets as they are 5 pieces and set up for pve and pvp stats, whereas the tier 1 I know is pve based. The tier 2 (best set for your class in the game besides the uber pvp set) is more pvp friendly as far as the bonuses.

Hope I didn't confuse you too much.

btw - If you go with WoW, roll a toon the Horde side. The pretty little Alliance outnumber us an average of 2 to 1 which really imbalances the game. On my server, Stormrage, we are outnumbered 2.5 to 1.
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