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Default Re: First Pics of Star Trek Online!

Originally Posted by oneils
Are you guys sure that these are in-game shots? They look more like concept art.
The most important result of visual look development is an in-game demo showing your environment at near shippable quality.

The demo must be in-game. You cannot say confidently that you can achieve your goals without in-game proof.

The results have to be near shippable quality. Reach a level of quality that you would feel good showing an executive. The level of quality does not have to be final. The last 10 percent takes 90 percent of the effort, so don't spend too much time on polish.

Performance doesn't have to be final. Understand your performance. Make sure you have confidence that the performance can be improved.

The results of the Star Trek Online visual look development for starship interiors can be seen below.
seems so
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