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Default Re: mdraid vs. dmraid benchmark and Intel RAID0/RAID1 on same pair of drives

Thanks, felipe.
I've actually decided to just RAID1 everything. I had planned to put swap and /tmp on RAID0, but I found a worrisome comment in a how-to that said Linux crashes if swap goes away suddenly. It's still pretty cool that we can do Intel's fancy "MATRIX RAID" using Linux ;-)

Now if I could just get root on LVM (I'm running mdraid RAID1 and then making an LVM out of the RAID1 partition) working on Kanotix (a Debian variant), I'd be happy. The mkinitrd doesn't support LVM if you compile it into the kernel; it's hardcoded to expect LVM as a modu
le, so you have to use the lvm2_createinitrd example script w/ LVM, but it seems to create an initrd that's missing parts because the kernel crashes on startup. It really shouldn't be this painful :-P
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