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Default CTRL+ALT+F* and Gentoo + ti4200


I have a problem with Gentoo Linux 1.4 and
my nvidia video card.
All works ok until i run X (startx and kde 3.1),
when i'm into kde, if i press the usual
CTRL+ALT+F* to switch to console
(text-mode),all that i can see is a black
screen :-(
Fortunately i can return to kde with ALT+F7,
but the problem remain, console are unusable
to me

My HW:
Motherboard chipset KT400
Nvidia POW TI4200/64mb
Philips 107S (17")

I haven't framebuffer active, i have tryed
every combination of NvAGP into XConfig but
no success ((
ANY idea is welcome, thanks to all.
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