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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

Originally Posted by Son Goku
Is that the CPU temp for the first number, or the GPU temp? Those numbers, all things said, do look a bit high, as I'd definitely be sh*ting bricks if I saw a CPU temp of 73 C... Yeah, yeah, some might be able to argue it can run so warm, but...
That first number is the GPU core temp. The CPU temp usually hovers around 33c, 35 at full load. ambient inside the case is around 31-33 at full load (I have 8 case fans), how I got the temps, is in the NVidia control panel, where it says Temperature settings (You can also set how high the GPU can go before threshold exceeds).

BTW, how long have you had the card?
I have the receipt! it's 9/18/04

Is this a recent problem on a card you've had for a year or so? (Could definitely be a card going bad there.)
It started about mid December of 2005 (so maybe about 2 months?)

You mention after 20 minutes of game play. Is it only after you've been pushing the gfx on that thing for awhile? (aka when the card could run hotter?)
For the corruptions, yes. But it can blink to black at anytime, and the blurry Java application thing is anytime I visit a java website.

Either way, you might want to get some cooling in your computer case to help bring those ambient system temps down a bit. In the interum, running case open, with a room fan or the like blowing into the thing should cool it down enough to rule out temp. If lower case temps doesn't improve this, definitely RMA the card then...
as said before, ambient case temp is around 31-33c, with 8 case fans (80mm), plus the twin fans on the gpu. One of the exhaust case fans are EXACTLY over the vid card, so it pulls the heat out.

Originally Posted by Tiermann
That isn't unusual for that card, but if you're saying it's idling at 63 and only hitting 73 max is that temp after alt+tabbing back to the desktop to check the temp or is it from a log while you're playing? If you are alt+tabbing back to windows it's quite probable that you're hitting 80c or higher in games. The temp drops very quickly as soon as you come out of 3d mode.
alt+tabbing, I dont have a temperature program to monitor it
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