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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

That exactly what I saw when my card was overheating, which I suspect its the GPU itself.. wierd gemetry problems... Did you try cleaning it out, especially under the top plate that covers the heatsink? It comes off in 3-4 screws.. That solved my heat realted problems.. Even if you keep a clean case, the dust still collects under the top plate.

Although my card and systems runs normally hotter than those temps u posted, and is still stable.

Best way to check vid card temps while under load is to run rthdribl

Run that in a window, with your temp readings in another window.. You'd be surprised how hot you can get in 30 mins.

EDIT: I'm wondering if that exhaust fan right over your vid card is creating some weird turbulence effect? Maybe not..
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